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I swear on my favorite pair of shoes that my kids are going to "can I have a snack?" me to death this Summer. There have been mornings where I cracked my eyes open to see Charlie's giant olive eyes inches away from my own because she has been standing there waiting to ask me for the first snack of the day.

They have plowed through cheese sticks, yogurt, animal crackers, salami, chips and enough fruit to make sure that I am considered a regular at Trader Joe's. I think that this is the first year that I really noticed how much they actually eat! I know that tons of snacking is pretty much a universal thing, and for the most part all three of them eat at our regular meal times so I'm not alarmed or anything, just mostly in awe of their metabolisms.

Anyway, because I have my own food sensitivities and follow what I call my "prescribed" diet, I have always been conscious of what the kids are eating, the quality of the ingredients, and the nutritional value of their snacks. Then once Cash was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the doctor recommended having him try out a gluten free diet (which has all but been abandoned at this point, but that's a whole other blog entry) I started batch making snacks every few days that I could just throw into our family bag before we left the house every day.

I'm not telling you this to be an example of a clean eating family, I'm telling you this to tell you that this summer it's all pretty much gone out the window! This Summer I have declared a truce in the war on food in our home, and absolutely do not want to fight over snacks and meals. I am hot, I am tired, and you know what, I have better things to do than argue with Cash and Charlie about what they are (or aren't) eating.

This means that the kids are having an epic summer of snacks and treats, and while I don't feel bad about loosening up a bit, I do often feel left out. It seems so small, but it can be a bit lonely to miss out... especially when one of them offers to share!

Enter KIND Snacks into the picture. Each one of my 3 children have several KIND Snack products that they love (of course they can't all 3 love the same ones, that would be too easy), and I am happy because I know that they are enjoying nutrient dense snacks made with only pronounceable ingredients. The very best part is that since they are gluten free I can accept when sharing is offered, or even sneak bites when they aren't paying attention and blame it on fairies. My personal favorite KIND Snack is the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt, it feels like an indulgence without actually upping my daily sugar intake by much at all.

I have also been able to use KIND Snacks to talk to my children about how where we choose to spend our money and which companies we support with our purchases matter. We feel good about supporting a company that believes in the power of kindness and fighting hunger through the KIND foundation.

When I recently became a member of the KIND Collective I not only learned about all the money and support they are committed to putting into communities, but I also learned that now you can enjoy a KIND Snacks build your own box subscription for 25% off your first order! Even if you don't have food allergies and just want to be sure that your family is enjoying quality ingredients and a variety of yummy flavors! Why not give kind a try? I think that you will feel good about it!

Photo Credit to Dustin Luna

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