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Disney Diary

There isn't a place in the world that makes me feel like a rad mom one moment, and a bad mom the next, quite like the Disneyland Resort. It's a place of extremes whether they be the the highs of three children squealing in delight running from memory to memory, or the lows of crying into a plastic cup margarita that you wish was much stronger because everyone is screaming because you won't buy a balloon until the end of the day. But boy do we love it!

Yesterday we all piled into the car and made the drive for an entire day at Disney California Adventure Park before we got costumed up and headed to Mickey's Halloween Party.

Disney can be really hit or miss for my family. Three kids all with their different wants, needs, and feelings can be a lot to juggle, and yesterday was one of those days where Cash just has a really hard time. The last few trips to the parks he did really well "going with the flow", was able to try new rides, stand in line without many problems, and was generally in sync with his sisters. Yesterday, however, broke that lucky streak and more than once both of us were in tears, but when we were finally home last night I was tucking him into bed talking to him about the day, and he only focused on the good bits. I wanted to cry again, because he is so smart and amazing, and he reminds me of basic life truths all the time.

Cash at Pixar Pier

Cash and the Pal-a-round

The day definitely had it's share of tough moments, but I don't have pictures of those. I do have pictures of my son when he was happy and enjoying the day. I have pictures of my daughters in their cute matching dresses that I didn't make them wear (for once). I have pictures of goofy smiles (pun intended), posed tantrums, a happy grandma, and a tired family in silly costumes.

I take a lot of photos. I want a lot of photos. I know that the tough moments in life (not just at Disney) are easy to remember because there is a lot of them, and they are often where my mind settles when I reflect on any given day. I also know that as a parent, I want to make sure that my kids remember and can see all their good moments. I want to document the fun and tiring times for them and for myself. I want to make decisions about what the family does and doesn't do based on the good moments we have, and sometimes, like today, when I am really really tired, the pictures help me remember to focus on the good bits.

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