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Dear Cash

Here is the second installment of my three part series where I write a letter specifically to each of my children. Last week's letter was dedicated to Patience, this week's is for Cash, and next week will be Charlie's.

Dear Cash,

Oh my sweet handsome boy. You are without a doubt my favorite boy in the entire world. You are incapable of guile and so pure hearted that you experience every emotion one hundred percent, and even on our bad days I am thankful that the Universe matched us up. It can be difficult for regular old me to know exactly how to raise a boy with super powers, but you and I work together and you always accept my apologies and are helping me learn every day.

I hope that you stay proud of your super powers and never shy away from talking about them. You are smart, artistic, inquisitive, focused, and you are autistic. You feel and see music and that is magic. You are magic, and if anyone ever tries to make you feel differently you just send them over to me. Be proud of who you are, and let people know how hard you work to do things that come easily to them, and let people know the things that come easily to you! You have the power to open minds and teach people to embrace differences.

I hope that you choose something absolutely worthwhile to apply your hyper-focused attention to. Once you decide that something is interesting enough for you to learn about you learn everything about it, you read books about it, you google it, watch YouTube videos about it, ask me endless questions about it (remember, I don't know is a real answer). Once you've done all those things you want to talk about it, and this is where you blow me away... you not only retain all of that information, but you begin to make theories and of ways to prove or disprove them. I can only imagine thing things you will discover and master as you grow.

On the heels of that last one I also hope that you stay curious. The more you learn the more I learn. I know so much about trains, tornados, volcanos, Sonic the Hedgehog, and so many more things because you teach me. I hope that curiosity never goes away because it gives you the power to teach other people and that my love, is how you will change the world.

Bubba I really really really hope that you continue being able to communicate your feelings clearly. To me, to your peers, to everyone. The family and your team have spent so much time and energy giving you words and teaching you how to use them, and I would be lying if I said I don't fear backsliding. I love you however you are and wherever you are on the spectrum, but when I think about how much you struggled without words my heart aches. I know these things are out of my control so I will just continue on the path that has been working for us, and continue to try and provide you with the best tools I can.

Lastly Cash, I hope that you can be flexible. You are probably so sick of hearing the phrase "go with the flow" but you are going to keep hearing it. You are only six years old and have already gotten through a major life change, one that you had no control over, and Baby you have handled it wonderfully, but there is still so much life left for you to navigate. Flexibility will be key, and it's really hard for you once you've got something stuck in your mind. People change, plans change, sometimes you knock down nine pins instead of ten. It breaks my heart to see your heart break every time something doesn't go the way you planned. I am sure that this stubbornness will be a benefit to you, and I don't want to take that away from you, but lets just try to work together here ok?

There is so much more I want to share with you and tell you, but like always, I am doing a million things at once and need to put my attention elsewhere for a bit. It is never far from you though Bubba.

I love you.

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