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On The Dot

"There is never a wrong time for a polka dot." - Marc Jacobs

Did you know that Marc Jacobs purposed to his fiancé with a flash mob inside an NYC Chipotle? That doesn't have anything to do with anything I just really like talking about it. The polka dot quote though, lets talk about that, because that is something I can seriously relate to. I love me some spots. I dress the kids in them every chance I get, I have polka dot slacks in heavy rotation for work, and some of my favorite dresses over the years have featured them.

Minnie Mouse is probably the queen of the print, but do you remember the dress that Julia Roberts wore for the polo scene in Pretty Woman? I don't think I had ever seen polka dots in any other color ways than black and white or red and white, and while I do love Minnie, Julia showed me that a girl has options. Cut to 20 years later, and I am still obsessed with all the options! I've got yellow polka dots, I've got polka dot belts, I've got one polka dot earring waiting for me to find its mate, I've got classic black and white, I even have a western style polka dot shirt with fringe!

Not a whole lot of things add more instant fun and whimsy to an outfit in my opinion, and I have spent a little bit of time scouring my go to websites for shopping and found options ranging from sexy to cute, and from head to toe or just a spot of dots. Click through the gallery to see my current favorites. As usual I've listed info and attached links to each item below. Don't forget to view my InstaStory to see some iconic looks featuring polka dots as well as a few of my favorite times rockin' the dots.

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