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It Still Is

It has been just under two years since my last blog post, and my how things have changed!

Everyone has had two more birthdays, two more sets of holidays, and two more trips around the sun! That's a lot of time to make new wishes, throw new fits (sometimes about old things), start new schools, make new friends, and go new places. These three perfect humans have blossomed and shown resilience and love most every step of the way. The twins are finishing up kindergarten, which they crushed, and Charlie is about to finish preschool and move onto pre-k.

I am so proud of them and I am so lucky that the Universe fell into place in such a way that made me their mother.

I still am who I am, and the Universe still has my back just like I knew it did a few years ago. I still have wonderful people in my life who know when to support me and when to offer kind advice when I need it to help me grow. I found I don't have to always be right, who knew? I've learned to clearly express my boundaries but am still working on responding over reacting. I could go on and on about the one thousand big and small ways my family has changed in the last two years, but honestly it is a little overwhelming to try and put it all out there.

Life is still mercurial, and constantly fluctuating. At any moment it still is what it is, and today I am happy.

I've decided to tip my toe back into blogging, and I have lots to write about! I still love food. I still love beauty, style, and shopping. I've got a lot of life to catch up about too (spoiler alert: things are good).

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