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My Perfect Pant

Have you found it? Your perfect pant? I'm thinking beyond the beloved yoga pant obviously. Beyond leggings (which I totally consider pants). Beyond stretchy skinny jeans even.

My absolute perfect pant is the Body by Victoria Eva Fit pant. I love the wide leg, it offers a vintage feel with out being outright "retro". The wide midrise waistband keeps the look modern and helps the pant work with just about any top in my opinion. The very best thing about this pant is that I feel like they look good! I mean, I'm obviously not looking like a VS "Angel", but I'm not looking bad in these pants.

Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret stopped offering clothing options beyond lounge wear in 2014. If I wouldn't have been up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers during 2014 and had been paying attention I would have bought at least 4 more pairs of my favorite Eva fit pant (yes I know the picture says Eve, I have to take what Google gives me). At one time I had 5 pairs of these slacks in the "work" section of my closet, but time and children with dirty hands have narrowed me down to just 2 pair. 2 alarmingly snug pair as of this morning.

So as I sit here drinking my morning breakfast shake and imagining bacon, I am also finally beginning the search for my new perfect pant. After Charlie was born I got familiar with the Pixie pant from Old Navy. In fact, they have become a staple. They are stretchy, have easy care instructions, and come in a plethora of fun prints; and if you know me you know how much I love fun prints. The pixie pant is pretty great actually, however they are a bit too casual to be my personal "perfect" pant. On the ON website I just noticed The Harper, which looks promising and I have always got to appreciate that price point. Maybe I'll get over to a store soon and see them in person.

I still love a wide leg though. Especially when it is 115 degrees outside and my legs need some ventilation. After clicking around I've found a few possible new perfects. Of course who knows if I will ever get around to ordering a pair, trying them on, and then inevitably sending them back.

The lessons to be learned here? When you find a good thing, buy back ups (maybe even in a size up just in case). Take meticulous care to stretch out the life of the item. For goodness sake pay attention to whether or not it is going to be discontinued. Learn from my mistakes! Don't take your perfect pant for granted.

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