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Mama's Going Glam

I have got a busy week ahead! The fourth Friday of September is always California Native American Day and we close down the office and take the day off! Which is super, because a lot of tribes have seminars and celebrations centered on the day, plus I pretty much always get a three day weekend for my Birthday! Having a full Friday off is always amazing, but it works out extra well this year because we are hopping in the car and taking off to Vegas that morning.

I am pretty short on time to sit and blog for the next few days so I thought that I would put together a sampling of a few of my favorite Beauty YouTubers and looks that I am just feeling for this trip to Vegas.

The first look is a beautiful metallic eye by LustreLux that is bold and lashy. She is currently one of my favorites. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her commentary is pretty entertaining as well. I love when YouTubers look like they are having fun, and I also love to low key obsess over this girl's snapchat as well!

The next look that I am dying over is by NikkieTutorials and is also a metallic look, but she uses Stilla's Rose Quartz and a greige lip. I love a freaking greige lip, and I love how funny Nikkie is. You should definately watch a few of her videos if you love glam sparkly "girly" looks, or if you just want to see some one with insane talent.

While I will not be attending any "hip" (do people still say hip? Oh god I'm old) pool parties while we are in Las Vegas, we will be kicking it at the Beach over at the Mandalay Bay, and I plan on taking full advantage of not having kids with me at the pool by laying around looking fabulous while day drinking. Obviously looking fabulous involves a bold lip, a ton of bronzer, and a cover up to hide my "twin skin" belly. I love this look by Desi Perkins and hopefully it won't melt off by the time I am on drink number five.

Lastly I am including the most recent video from Melissa Alatorre, which is a pefect quick ten minute Sunday brunch look. I actually wore this make up today (swapping with similar products I have in my own makeup stash) and it took about fifteen minutes because I am slow. I think that this will be my new go to routine for not only Sunday brunch but any day I want to look good quick.

I hope that you enjoy this selection of tutorials, how can you not? The ladies are lovely, the make up is on fleek, and there is even a cute dog cameo. Be sure to check out Instagram to see me attempting to recreate these looks on myself and my girlfriends (if they hold still long enough). Also, be on the look out for something fun coming up on Insta in the next few days!

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