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Conceal, don't feel...

Don't let them knowwwwwww... Ok ok, I am done. Just don't act like you didn't break out into "Let it go" with me. Today I am going to talk about under eye cirlces, or more accurately concealing under eye circles.

I have not gotten a decent night's sleep since I was heavily pregnant with the twins, so let's just call it about four years. In those four years I have gotten pretty good at figuring out a fairly quick routine for covering up my circles and not walking around looking like the living dead.

The three products that I use daily are pictured:

I always start with the eye primer, I am oily and have fine lines starting to show up (thanks thirty) so I need something to keep my makeup from disapearing. I just sort of dab it and blend it on with my finger, but gently since the eye area is delecate.

Next I dot and swipe on the Age Rewind. It is really lovely and bright, has a pinkish tint, and is totally wearable alone if you so choose. Just make sure to dot and blend the inside area of the eye and side of the nose. We want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed. We do not want to look half dead inside and powered by caffeine. To blend this product I have been using the Airbrush Blurring Concealer Brush from It Cosmetics for Ulta. I received this brush in a set and just really love it. It is super fast, soft, and easy to clean. I also have a Beauty Blender, but I save that for weekends or nights out when I have more time.

Lastly I swipe on the Naked Concealer and blend blend blend that in using the concealer brush. Be sure to blend it up into the corner area, and back past the outside corner of the eye. I don't wear foundation unless it is a special ocassion so I have to make sure that I really blend this stuff out to avoid any weird transitions. Once I am done witht that I "set" the concealer with a tiny bit of powder, if I remember. From start to finish it probably takes me 5-6 minutes, then I continue with my eye make up choices of the day.

I often have puffiness that I either just don't address or just use one of these products if I feel like it:

I am also always sure to brighten up the inside corner of my eye with a light shadow, and use either a white or nude liner on my water line (depending on how red my eyes are).

That is how I fake 8 hours of sleep, when in reality I get about 6 hours or less of broken sleep. What are your tricks and tips? Today I got a remomndation for NYX orange concealer! You know I have to try that out.

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