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Bloody Good

I really wanted to do a "style" post this weekend. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately depending on how you look at it, I haven't worn "real" clothes since Thursday afternoon. So, I introduce you to Plan B.

Is there a cocktail that screams "mom life" more than a bloody mary?

I mean, when you wake up before everyone else (except the baby that wakes you up by poking you in the eye), change diapers, brush teeth, wipe potty trained butts, prepare sippy cups (ice water! not regular water!), make and serve breakfast, and wash dishes before you've even had a cup of coffee or brushed your own teeth... well ten am is a perfectly acceptable time to have a cocktail.

I do realize that bloody marys are one of those love hate things.. similar to cilantro or onions. In the words of my three year old, "some people like them and some people don't"; and much like cilantro and onions, I absolutely think that you are WRONG if you do not like them! They can be sweet, they can be savory, they can be (my favorite) spicy! I am a mom of three year old twins and a one year old, the fact that I can drink my breakfast annnnd catch a relaxing buzz on a weekend morning is proof that the Universe loves me and is controlled by a female force.

I switch up my mixer fairly often, but this weekend I went back to one of my favorite ways to make a bloody mary.

  • Canning jar (have I mentioned that my inlaws are super cute and send us homemade jam on the reg?) rimmed with Tajin spice, and full of ice.

  • Sprinkle in some of that Tajin.

  • Pinch of BOTH garlic and onion powder.

  • About a TBSP of A1 sauce.

  • Hot sauce to taste (give me Tabasco or give me death).

  • A dash of pickle juice from the jar of dill pickles that has been in my fridge for a questionable amount of time.

  • Tsp of prepared horseraddish.

  • Generous pour of Titos...

  • Fill up the rest of the glass with Clamato and stir with a straw.

  • Garnish as desired, but if you don't do bacon you are wrong.

It's not an exact science, but I am pretty good at building a hearty and delicious bloody mary. I have yet to meet a hangover that one of my creations couldn't postpone or tamp down until the next day (usually Monday).

What is your favorite way to make and enjoy a bloody mary?

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