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Cinnamon Roll Casserole

I am a fan of the "set it and forget it" mentality. Especially the Saturday morning after I stayed up until two in the morning watching TV, drinking wine, and chatting with my husband.

As ok as I am feeding the family plain ol' cinnamon rolls, I also feel bad not changing things up at least a little bit. Not bad enough to put a whole lot of effort into breakfast, but bad enough to "try". On those days I still break out that tube and hit it against the edge of the counter to pop it open, but instead of just haphazzardly tossing the rounds onto a baking sheet I chop them up first then haphazzardly chuck them into a nine by nine baking dish. I aim roughly for two inch cubes, but mostly I eyeball it and try not to loose a finger.

Once that is done I chop four slices of bacon, and one peeled green apple (I go for small chunks here because I have a kid with sensory issues and I want to spare him a huge mushy chunk of apple). Then I mix them in with the chopped cinnamon rolls. Lastly I sprinkle the top with about three tablespoons of butter cut into pieces before popping the dish into the oven and locking myself in the bathroom with a huge cup of coffee for a few minutes. Then I lay around on the sofa while the baby climbs on me and the twins argue over what to watch on TV (spoiler, it's probably Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

That is the benifit of "set it and forget it" (even if it is only thirtyminutes). I get up and very crankily fix up breakfast in less than ten minutes, then I have thirty minutes to sort of pull myself together and put my mom hat on. By the time that the oven timer goes off and it is time to ice the casserole (icing is included with the cinnamon rolls) at least one of my children has done something cute or sweet, my coffee is working, and I have shaken off the cobwebbs. Everybody wins!

I have done a few variations of this same thing, and all but one were welcomed with smiles. Next week I will most likely make a more "french toast" version. Oh darn, I guess I've spoiled next weeks content. Oh well, come back and see how it goes! Maybe then I won't be too tired to bother with lighting and get a decent photo.

Here you can find a link for Pillsbury's recipe. The are pretty similar.

Before I forget, I bake at 325 degrees and coat my dish in coconut oil.

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