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Who Dresses Who?

I dress myself. In fact, I dress myself, two three year olds, a one year old, and often times a fourty three year old.

Many mornings in the mad rush before the twins and I head out the door Patience will complain that she doesn't like her clothes. She wants to wear a tutu, or a princess dress, or the crazy print pants with the super busy top, or her underwear on the outside, or even shorts on her head some days. Almost without fail I find myself explaining to her what is or isn't ok to wear to preschool.

Yesterday morning we had a similar conversation, but when I looked at the photos that my husband snapped before we left I thought to myself, "who am I to talk?"

Other than Patience choosing the pinapple jewelry, this outfit is one hundred percent all me. Busy printed top? Check! Clashing printed shoes? Check! Boxey old lady blazer? Super Check! And you know what, I think that the pop of pinapples really pulls it all together.

Next time Patience wants to get a little crazy with her preschool outfit, I'm going to let her. I understand where she gets it from.

Jewelry can be found at Chloe + Isabel by Erin

Blazer: Asos

Palm print top: Kohls

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Michal Kors

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