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Function Meets Festival

Winter is coming to an end and spring is almost here. Which in the magical land of Southern California means that we are headed from a long and mild autumn directly into summer… with a few weeks of festival season in between.

I myself am not a consistent festival attendee. They are expensive, sandy, full of dehydrated day drinkers, and it costs an arm and a leg to get a baby sitter for consecutive days in a row. However, I am a fan of denim cut offs and strappy leather sandals, so I often fall victim to the festival look books and marketing emails this time of year.

I probably own more short shorts and strappy sandals than a mom of three needs to own, but I still find myself clicking through and browsing when I have extra time (or multiple kids on time out). Here I have compiled a few of my favorites from the recent weeks.

These choices may seem pretty basic compared to the options available, but they are also very versatile, and I know from experience how heartbreaking it is to have a drunken college student step on your foot and snap the beading on an embellished set of sandals. I also know that a wedge or heel sandal is impractical for zipping back and forth between stages at massive festival grounds. These choices would treat you well, while also looking good.

Now my favorite pair of cut offs in my collection are home made from old men's levis, and my second favorite are a few years old from H&M. That didn't stop me from some serious online scouting... you know, for the sake of the blog and all.

The first two of my choices are fairly similar in style. I like the fact that the fabric is slightly longer in the back to avoid butt cheeks hanging out, I feel like I am firmly beyond the age of showing butt cheek. If you don't mind being a little cheeky (see what I did there?) there are plenty of options every where for you. The last choice is a fun color, but I also like the fact that the leg can fold up or fold down. I would wear them shorter for a festival, but longer for an afternoon at the park with my littles.

I am sure that you can find some amazing looking rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, wedges, and boots to wear to attend a fest. I gotta tell you though. Those public restrooms are nasty and stripping out of a romper/jump suit gets real old real quick. Dresses and skirts are cute, but here at my local events the unrelenting wind makes them impractical. I would completely avoid anything with a wedge or a heel while planning to treck accross uneven fields full of people. Boots could be a good idea, just remember that during the day it gets hot, and your feet will get sweaty... like, really sweaty.

With items similar to my choices (or hey, even my choices!) you can throw on just about any cute top or swimsuit, tie a long sleeve around your waist to get you through the colder evening and night hours, and navigate just about any festival grounds with ease.

If you are attending an event any time soon, have fun! Be safe! Try not to ruin to many pairs of shoes!


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