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Sweater Weather

It finally feels like the Fall!

Well, a Southern California Fall anyway. The kind where it might be eighty degrees at two in the afternoon then drop to fifty-five by bedtime… then seventy is the high the next day. I never know what is going on with the weather really. What I do know is that not knowing makes layering perfect!

For a few months (hopefully) I get to break out some of my favorite sweaters, light jackets, and maybe even a hat or two.

This morning I went with a cardigan that I picked up from Target on clearance last year, knowing full well that I wouldn’t have a chance to wear it for months and months. I have also switched over to one of my more autumn appropriate bags, which I did not mean to match almost exactly to today’s sweater. I should have thought about that before I left the house, but usually I am just excited to leave the house looking somewhat put together, and didn’t bother to notice. Anywho, I do believe that I snagged this bag from last year but it is French Connection if you wanted to poke around and look for it online.

I also used today as an opportunity to break out one of my favorite necklaces, a tortoise shell link that pairs particularly well with the garnet one I wore as well. Both items are from Chloe + Isabel, and unfortunately the garnet is sold out, but I am sure that you can think up a beautiful combo or even wear it on it's own.

Look at that! Double layers! I layered my cardigan over a black top and I layered two necklaces. It’s like I am good at dressing for weather or something! Even my glasses have sort of a "layer look" The frames are a mix of tortoise shell and gold. These can be found on the QUAY Australia website, which is my absolutely favortie place to find shades these days.

Well, I just checked the weather for tomorrow and it looks like we will be back up to eighty degrees. So long Fall! It was nice to spend a day or two with you! Please come visit again soon!

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