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Let Us Eat Cake

A few years ago a girlfriend and I (Hi Nik!), were lamenting about how often moms come in last. In our cases, and in a lot of cases I suspect, we moms do it to ourselves. Our kids are important, our signifigant others are important, our jobs are important, our friends are important... lots of these amazing facets of our lives are important. Where do we come in?

Thats when we started laughing about having it all, but not being able to enjoy it. I mean, how much can your really enjoy anything running on 4 hours of broken sleep, Starbucks, and Larabars?

Cut to a couple of years, and another baby later. I am still juggling pieces of cake like crazy, but now a couple of those pieces are my own, and now every once in a while I am able to take a bite and enjoy!

So guess what, moms can have their cake and eat it too.

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